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This challenge is to celebrate the founder of the 153 Mile Challenge (Mark Bryce, trading as Tyrer Sorrel) reaching and walking through the 6,000 mile mark on his way to 18,500 miles (Round the World). Mark wants to get other people involved in his challenge by asking them to ‘step out of their door’ with a pedometer and walk, bike, run or dance 153 miles whilst raising £153 for charity.

* The challenge from Mark Bryce started on the 6th September 2009 and ended on the 16th November 2009. You can now join the challenge by 'Creating your Own Event'. Tyrer Sorrel will provide full support and pedometers (whilst stocks last - see the 'How Can I Get Involved' section).


MPAC – Merseyside Play Action Council (REG NO: 1048263)

Merseyside Play Action Council is a resource centre which has supported and developed activities for children and young people in Liverpool since 1974. MPAC is based in a fully accessible building in Liverpool City Centre. MPAC IS A ONE STOP SHOP THAT CAN PROVIDE EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE’S PROJECTS.


Click the 'Get Involved' link in the 'Play Your Part' sidebar on the right of the screen or visit and ‘Register as a Participant’.

The first 50 people to register on the website will receive ‘153 Mile’ pedometers and all participants will receive an introduction pack (including a sponsor form and collectors card to help you record your mileage and donations). Sorry - all pedometers have been given out for this event. Please see FAQs for how to measure without a pedometer.


What do I need to know before I start?

What legal stuff do I need to know and who are the organisers of the event?

Is the Challenge really hard?

I have a community group or Weight Watchers Group can you speak to them?

My pedometer is faulty?

How do I measure steps and miles without a pedometer?

I don’t have the internet where I am. How do I measure and calculate my steps or miles?

What if I raise more or less money than planned?

What if I want to quit?

How do I tell the story of my event?

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FAQ ImageWhat do I need to know before I start?
Please read the following blog entry from Mark Bryce, the Founder of the Challenge before you start.!A705FACC80DB2936!330.entry

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FAQ ImageWhat legal stuff do I need to know and who are the organisers of the event?
The event is organised by Mark Bryce, trading as Tyrer Sorrel. The ‘153 Mile Challenge’ is a Social Enterprise Event developed and delivered by Tyrer Sorrel, as part of Your registration data is managed by Tyrer Sorrel as part of Tyrer Sorrel aims to build a wide audience over the coming years; inspiring; motivating; blogging; being creative; telling stories; raising money for charity and enjoying the challenges.

This is a ‘Step Out of the Door Challenge’ and ‘Everyday Fundraising’ Event. This basically means that you participate in the challenge of your own free will, on a voluntary basis and with no compulsion or duress. By participating in the challenge you agree to the full terms and conditions of Tyrer Sorrel, additional terms stated below and grant a waiver of liability and assumption of risk to Tyrer Sorrel, it’s Sponsors and Principal Associates.

Please do not participate in the event if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions of the event.

Full Terms:

Additional Terms: By participating in the challenge, individuals or teams hereby waive and release any and all claims to Tyrer Sorrel, it’s Sponsors and Principal Associates whether in contract or for personal injury, property damage, damages, losses and/or death that may arise from voluntary participation in the event. Individuals or teams also agree to not cause damage or loss to any other person or property, including Tyrer Sorrel, it’s Sponsors and Principal Associates by participating in the event. Individuals or teams agree to give all monies donated to the nominated charity and will not keep any for expenses or fees. Tyrer Sorrel reserve the right to refuse participation in the event. These additional terms are effective for the duration of the event and may not be revoked or amended without the prior written consent of Tyrer Sorrel.

Help, Privacy and Tyrer Sorrel Contact Details:

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FAQ ImageIs the Challenge really hard?
Believe it or not, this is an achievable challenge. 153 miles over 6 weeks = 25.5 miles per week. 25.5 miles over 7 days = approx 3.64 miles per day. Once you get the taste for the challenge, some of you might wish to increase your mileage. Don’t stop, go the next step and become a ‘Step Millionaire’. We’ll tell you how.

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FAQ ImageI have a community group or Weight Watchers Group can you speak to them?
Yes, please contact the Challenge team and we will be happy to motivate and support your group to get involved in the challenge.

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FAQ ImageMy pedometer is faulty?
Due to their design, promotional pedometers are basic models and can be inaccurate or reset by accident. When you get a taste for the challenge we would advise you to upgrade your pedometer to a more advanced model.

Want a bit more fun and have a Nintendo DS then buy the game - 'Walk with Me'. You get two pedometers and a fun way of keeping track of your activity.

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FAQ ImageHow do I measure steps and miles without a pedometer?
If you are unable to get a pedometer, your pedometer breaks or is accidentally reset you can measure and calculate your steps on Google Pedometer. Mark Bryce, the Founder started this way.

There is a full ‘Help Section’ and ‘How to Guide’ on Google Pedometer but basically you enter a Postcode in the “Jump to” box and you will be shown your local map.

You then use it as you would Google Maps. Drag or double-click to move the map, use the slider to increase or decrease the zoom level, and click the "Map/Satellite/Hybrid/Topo/Terrain" buttons (top right) to switch the type of imagery.

When you are ready to start recording the distance you travelled, click the “Start Recording” button.

Thereafter, double-clicks will draw a point on the map, and the distance from your last point and your cumulative distance will both appear in the boxes. Note that only double-clicks will create a new point. If you make a mistake or change your mind, the “Undo Last Point” button will remove the last point drawn and revert your distances to what they were before you drew it. If you want to start over, click the “Clear Points and Start Over” link.

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FAQ ImageI don’t have the internet where I am. How do I measure and calculate my steps or miles?
As an average if you walk for one hour you will do 3 to 4 miles or 6,000 to 8,000 steps. Simply time how long you walk and calculate steps or miles based on parts of one hour. For example: If you walk fast (4mph) 15 minutes = 1 mile or 2,000 steps; 30 minutes = 2 miles or 4,000 steps. If you walk slow (3mph) 15 minutes = 0.75 miles or 1,500 steps; 30 minutes = 1.5 miles or 3,000 steps.

As an average to convert steps to miles multiply the number of steps you counted by 0.0005.

As an average to convert miles to steps divide the number of miles walked by 0.0005.

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FAQ ImageWhat if I raise more or less money than planned?
Some of you will obviously raise more or less money than your sponsorship target. Any extra money will go to the nominated charity. They will be very grateful for the extra cash. If you raise less don’t beat yourself up, this is a fun challenge and any amount you raise will be gratefully received.

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FAQ ImageWhat if I want to quit?
It is likely at some point you will get bored or just want to quit. Think twice, just do 10 more minutes or get up the next day and see how you feel. Remember you are responsible for your own challenge. Make it as easy or hard as you want. Take as long as you want to finish and do as many steps a day as you feel able to manage. Go to the ‘153 Mile Challenge’ Facebook page or contact Mark Bryce, the Founder, for a bit of advice or support. Mark has wanted to quit or ‘mix up’ his day many times. If you still want to stop then you can at any time. Please send any money raised/collector’s cards to the organisers and nominated charity as stated in the Introduction Pack.

However remember, when you hear the rain bouncing against the window, and you want to pull the duvet up over your head, your pedometer steps can be counted whilst you are cleaning, running up those stairs, doing DIY or even gardening. In fact any everyday activity, it all counts, so you don’t need to be a couch potato. Weirdly enough, we have found that the pedometers even work when you walk to the pub, so planning a night out may be in order. We have tested this so we know it works.

For those who work well in a team or want to get the whole family involved, we will support this too. We are happy for you to share the goal mileage and sponsorship target if you want to do it as a relay.

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FAQ ImageHow do I tell the story of my event?
Once the event is up and running we would recommend that you register on our Facebook page and follow yourself and everyone else in the challenge. Please do not worry if you think your story isn't interesting enough. Contact Tyrer Sorrel or the 153 Mile Challenge Team or Register Your Event** and we will help you tell your story, write a blog or capture video, photographic and audio content. We also offer a 'You Phone, We Blog' Service. Remember what you think is boring someone else may find really helpful and interesting.

If you are concerned about privacy please don't post content. You are in full control of your story and how much or how little information you share. We also operate a Live User Policy and will edit, manage and remove inappropriate content.

We have a simple set of rules for posting and commenting. We want to create open conversation, including funny, cool and constructive criticism but we don't want spam, sneaky sales pitches, inappropriate material or abuse. If you try and post abusive comment, spam or are just plain rude we'll just delete it. Don't waste your time. Be cool, have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation. (Thanks to Tim Ferriss who cites Brian Oberkirch as the inspiration for Comment Rules).

** 'Register as a Participant' is FREE. 'Register Your Event' may include mentoring fees and charges.

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